Ladurée SG


Laduree’s finally in Singapore!


I finally got my hands on the legendary Ladurée Macarons! FI.NA.LLY. This box of 8 was enough to take my mind of the hefty $120 I blew at the Apple service center this afternoon.

I can’t believe I paid $120 for some diagnose and evaluation test which my MacBook Air has to undergo… Say what??? That exorbitant sum doesn’t even include repair charges. Oh gosh. It was a pay-me-$120-and-I’ll-let-you-know-what-went-wrong. Bitch please. I almost wanted to just bid my laptop goodbye and dramatically walk away when the guy said, “You need to pay Hundred. and. twenty. dollars. Is that ok with you?”.

Is that ok with me??? Really? Did you just ask me that?

And of course I stared at him, gave him my brightest smile and said “I perfectly hate the idea of it.”

Nah… I kid. I then gave my dad a call to ask for the Go Ahead light on the pretext of “discussing other possibilities”. And like what my dad told me, I had no choice. SIGH. It’s $120 Vs. a MacBook with a flawed keyboard.

And thereafter, I blew another $30 at Laduree. But that $30 was well spent because Ladurée’s macarons are officially one of my favs (!!!) with my Top 3 macarons coming from Laduree, Obolo and Artisan Sweets. I love how their macarons are so soft and chewy yet not crumbly, and their fillings are soooo rich that the flavours just explode in your mouth. What you pay is definitely what you get.

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