Drown my sorrows

Tonight was one of the worst nights in a long while. I experienced anger, fear, frustration, unhappiness and helplessness all at once. I saw karma being personified before my eyes. Karma for all the small little nasty things that I’ve said or done since primary school; ever since my classmate refused to lend me her ruler back in primary 2.

I need to confess. I spilled water on my MacBook Air by accident. Something that I’ve always thought only happened on screen, happened to me. I couldn’t find a more appropriate time to knock my cup of water over than when I was in the midst of reviewing my lecturer’s slides. Bravo. Can someone teach me how to appreciate my extreme sense of punctuality, please? Funny how my greatest strength has backfired on me… Life.

And i still can’t believe my luck. I feel so stupid. I sat on my own chair crying. Oh no, how am I gonna fix this shit. I felt dumb. I was waiting for a miracle. Nothing happened . I’m still stuck here, with a damaged MacBook and a damaged keyboard, Thinking of what I ought to do next.

I know I shouldn’t be crying over spilled milk. It’s just a laptop, it’s just about 2K, it’s just… Sorry, how much does a MacBook cost again?

Let me just drown my sorrows right now as I think of how I am gonna break the news to my parents with them taking it easy, Oh God… Everytime I look at my semi-paralyzed MacBook right now, my heart just sinks to the bottom like the Titanic ship. How did a gorgeous slim looking piece of technology fell prey to an innocent glass of water? Something I don’t quite understand as yet.



And this is how i currently utilize my half-functioning MacBook keyboard… With the trusty aid of a bluetooth keyboard. Thank God! I’ve never been so thankful for a bluetooth keypad before. And it’s in pink. Another plus point.

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