@ My fav hanwoori korean restaurant^^v


What’s a korean meal without their side dishes??


Our kimchi Hotpot


Korean spicy rice cakes! I kinda like how chewy they are~~


I find myself ordering this over and over again


I swear i died eating this crepe layered cake with strawberries that Yu bought from Paris Baguette! Soooooo yummy


Awwww, the boss of Hanwoori with her son + her sister’s son! Don’t you just want to pinch their cheeks??



My life~

Yes yes, i do realize that i’ve been updating my blog quite religiously recently. To be honest, i do question myself the use of updating this space so regularly when no one but a handful reads them anymore. It was then that i realized i am not doing this for anyone’s sake but my own. I want a space where i can click to, 5 or 10 years down the road, and read back and laugh at all my immaturities and smile at irreplaceable memories. Also for another reason being that i love to do things like “Omg! Do you remember the time when we blah blah blah? When was it ah?” and Whoohoo, this is when my wordpress saves the day!

So anw, i finally met up with @plastikkbarbie and @seasidesirenss with @mypinkpony this afternoon. We headed to my fav Hanwoori Korean Restaurant at Gardens for lunch! I really love how that place is filled with a warmth and home-ly atmosphere because of the hospitable and wonderful bosses! They never fail to walk around the restaurant to speak to each and every of their customer, just chatting over their babies/ kids, the food, or just asking how we are doing. (Maybe that’s the reason their restaurant is always filled with regulars) WHY CAN’T WE FIND THIS IN ANY OTHER AVERAGE RESTAURANT AROUND SINGAPORE ANYMORE?? And not to mention that the bosses are true koreans but are able to speak in english, mandarin and korean! So conversing with them would never be a problem. And oh yes, most importantly, their food are traditional authentic korean cuisine. Even for my dad who doesn’t fancy korean/japanese food loves their food. So there you go!

Alright, it’s time i head back to my books!

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