Holy Week

This holy week has brought about an intense fatigue that i have not experienced in a long time – The primary school after PE kind of “I want to die” physical fatigue. I feel as if i am running off-track into a peculiar universe where no other human has set foot on ; a mysterious non-existent universe… On a different note, this week has been amazing with the happenings of Holy Week + my to-die-for fan meeting session with the ABTM casts (Tosh to be exact). It still feels surreal meeting him and having a photo taken with him. I uh, still have some photos from my phone which i would like to generously share with everyone 🙂


Hi baby!

Hi baby!


Vanilla Ice-Cream

Vanilla Ice-Cream

This ice-cream is reallly cool. Can you believe the entire “corn” is edible. The outside of the corn is actually soft wafer, and the inside is just your normal vanilla ice-cream… WOW. However, it did not taste as good as it looks. I expected it to be a little more WOW.


From the “live” Stations of The cross before St Anne’s Good Friday service

Headed to JB on the night of Good Friday because we were not able to do it on Maundy Thursday night. The jam towards Msia during Maundy Thursday night was so massive that cars started to line up along the roads leading up to the Mandai Zoo… Anw, we visited this relatively new mall near some Horizon place and I ended up buying this pair of NB 410 that i’ve been searching high and low for, for just S$66 because it was on 20% discount^^

After shopping, we headed to this massage place called “Zouk Spa” for some foot reflexology which my uncle recommended. That hour long of leg massage was all i needed after weeks of yoga + cardio. It was simply enjoyable. And not to mention that the rates were so much more affordable as compared to Singapore’s!

Foot Reflexology in JB

Foot Reflexology in JB


Check out the price!


Went to my fav 59 noodles for supper after our foot reflexology. The dry black sauce noodles that they serve is really incomparable. So so so good. You’re missing out on a lot if you have not tried it before.




Fav 59 Noodles~

Fav 59 Noodles~

g33ky me with my supper

g33ky me with my supper




New kicks from JB because they were having a 20% offer at one of their NB outlet

New kicks from JB because they were having a 20% offer at one of their NB outlets

Saturday was spent at my cousin’s new place for an Easter cum housewarming party. I was so excited to visit them again because of my 3 lovely niece and nephews! They never fail to put a smile on my face even though the oldest is only 5, with a quirky temperament, and the youngest is still unable to talk. Can’t wait to have kids on my own, lollllllll. The food there was so good that i think i’ve put on 10kg. Beef steak, Prawn, Claypot beef rice, Spaghetti, Fried rice, wedges, Chicken, duck, wine… omgosh, slurps.



eating #likeaboss

eating #likeaboss even when pa was feeding him, lolll


The beautiful Sacred Heart statue that my cousin bought for her gaden altar




Audrey's princess bed

Audrey’s princess bed


Issac and his shades! So adorable

Issac and his shades! So adorable



Baby Julien

Baby Julien



The joy kids bring

Kids and the joy they bring

IMG_4883 IMG_4888



Issac accidentally photobombed





IMG_4915Alright, that’s all for now, folks! I’m still so upset that i missed Tosh’s performance at Esplanade 😦 This is so saddening. I don’t know when is the next time i’ll get to see him. Life is so unfair. I hate my life *bawls* hahahahahahahahah, i’m so dramatic at times that i hate myself.. No, but really, if only i had been there to see him, imagine how happy would i be!! Just imagine, awwww. hahah. Alright, Have a great Easter, everyone!

The Lord is risen indeed, Alleluia!

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