Hi guys! I was kinda hesitant to structure a post and ramble about my mundane life BUT…. (Wait for it) *DENG DENG DENG DENG*, I bring you something exciting today! For all you ABTM fans, this would be a feast for your eyes. I’m not kidding. And if you’re a HUGE fan of Tosh, like me, (hahaha) you’re in for a really good treat 😉

Ok, so the other day, TNP had a contest whereby if you write in to them your reasons for wanting to meet the ABTM casts, you stand a chance to win a 1-on-1 exclusive meeting with them. Needless to say, i took part in the contest hoping to stand a chance. And although i did not win that exclusive meeting, i still won a pass to meet the entire cast! (Imagine my excitement when i found out the good news… hahaha). I ended up asking the lady who emailed me if i could bring a friend along and surprisingly she said “Yes”. So i decided to bring baby Enrix along since she’s a fan of them + her work got cancelled at the very last minute too (What are the odds man)

Anw, the event was known as #TNPAhBoysParty! It was held at TNP Sports Bar @ St James Powerhouse which was such a chill and relax place. I was so tempted to sit on the swing chairs but i knew i had to queue up for my Tosh. Hahahahaha. Sorry, this fan-girl mode is perpetually switched on ok.




Thank you for accompanying me baby enrix :*

Can i say how Thankful i was for having Enrix there?? If it weren’t for her, I would’t have had all these photos ++++ (Most importantly), my own personal photo with @Toshrock!





Tosh rapping. SEE, how can you not like him?? LMK if you can even find a reason to hate him -.-


IMG_0475OKOK. From this point on, everything was just surreal. Like Everything. From me being on stage, to playing a game with Lobang, to winning an exclusive autographed calendar, and me… HAVING A PHOTO TAKEN WITH TOSH. Gahhhhhhh. Cut the chase, let’s move on.

IMG_0480So they needed 5 people on stage, and the only way you could get on the stage is if you managed to pick up one of the 5 marshmallows that they threw. And Guess who was one of the lucky one who caught 1 of the 5 marshmallows? M E.


My “I can’t believe i’m right in front of Tosh” face. I seriously couldn’t believe myself.


I know i look grossly weird here BUT, can you see that Tosh and I were looking into the same camera? Aww… hahahahah



Oh yes, just to mention, i am really not apologetic about the multiple solo shots of Tosh. It’s my blog and i can upload whatever fancies me. Hahahahaahah



Awww, Tosh looking all so blushy

I NEED to tell you the story behind this photo. So like it was my turn to head up stage and i was being paired up with Wei Liang, aka, Lobang. So when it was my turn, the MC happened to ask me who is my favorite Ah Boy. And of course, since lying is a bad thing, I pointed to Tosh and said “Tosh”. He smiled and looked down. (heart melting right now) And genius Enrix managed to capture that moment down ^^v Maybe Tosh was blushing? Hahahah. I’m kidding. But as i think about it now, i realized how awkward it was. It’s as if i was blatantly confessing my love to Tosh. Hahahahahahahaahahahah. What’s happening to me??



Me receiving my exclusive autographed calendar from Weiliang


HELL YEAHHHHHH! MY FAV SHOT at #TNPAhBoysParty. My personal photo with Tosh. *.* Be envious.





Steady laaaa

One word to sum up last night, Amazing. I honestly feel like i’m the luckiest girl ever. Everything was just “coincidentally” working in my favor and I cannot help but think that they are blessings from God. So many coincidences just translates to God’s anonymous works. I am amazed by the Almighty!

Anw, according to @annabelleleong, i was “possessed” last night. Because on usual days, i dont even have the courage to throw my litter on the floor. But yesterday, Omgosh, my brave factor just shot to a sky high. Achievement unlock at least. Muahahaha. And i’m so glad i did. Ahhhhh. Now i can safely say i’ve seen my fav Tosh and have even had a photo taken with him. Ahmazing.

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