Happy 18th, Ryan Alexander Lim

As i browse through my calendar, it bothers me mildly that out of the 30 days April has to offer, i only have 7 “unmarked” days. Other than these 7 (tentatively) free days where i have no obligations, others are just infested with school / meetings / commitments. It frightens me slightly that this is the lifestyle i’ve pledged to commit till the end of exams, which is 47 days away (#thehorror) As it is at current, I hardly initiate meet-ups with people anymore. I feel so heavily buried in my own messy situation that i sense it is almost inept of me to “share” my time with others. I know saying this makes me look all self-centered and arrogant, but take a walk in my shoes. Last semester, 5 mods, 4 finance related – I’m on the edge of tipping over. On top of that, my desire to achieve at least a B+ for all my modules presently shares the same probability as North Korea offering a friendly peace treaty to America.

I just detest the idea of my life advancing so routinely. It is as if my soul and physical body are being handed to a mechanic who has fine-tuned my system into abiding by a default set of instructions. Every walk, Every movement, they are being controlled by some digits and alphabetical codewords that have been so conveniently embedded within me.

Alright, it’s time i go get my daily dose of reading the ST, before picking an outfit for the #TNPAhBoysParty tonight! I’m still in a state of disbelief. And btw, the following photos were from Ryan’s 18th birthday dinner…. almost 2 months ago… hahahahaha. Enjoy 🙂


Finally 18


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