Lemon steak from Ice Edge



Dessert at Ciel’s Patissiere


@annabelleleong and @jamdavidtojam’s fav Lemon Meringue Tart


David’s Bombe whcih @markandrewchia and i loveddddd! The richness of the chocolate… I died.


My strawberry shortcake which i thought fell short of expectation. My current fav is still Bakerzin’s!


Mark’s Fuji which was really refreshing! Especially the lychee jelly hidden beneath this gem

I realize i have nothing to blog about these few days because my schedules are pretty much similar. My life revolves around mugging and prepping for NYC that i evidently have no time for other things. I’m not saying it’s a bad thing… In fact,  i’ve gotten so accustomed to this lifestyle that i feel i’d have some problems adjusting back to my ordinary lifestyle come May 14. (I’m eagerly waiting for your arrival, my last paper) I’m actually quite glad that i have so much NYC things to settle on hand because it pressurizes me to study during free times that i have.

Last week (well, technically since it’s past midnight) was just a busy week for me with practically something happening each day. I had to juggle my time well and prioritize diligently. It all paid off as i managed to meet the various people i’ve been wanting to meet ever since work and commitments started heaping on me. And the pics from this post were from my lunch date with @mypinkpony, @jamdavidtojam and @markandrewchia!

I’m pretty much certain that from now till Mid May, my life would be swamped with nothing but studying and NYC. The blue ink smeared on the entire page of my monthly schedule book is enough to scare me. I know i can do this. I know i can do this through Christ who strengthens me. 7 weeks to my first paper. Let the stress fall upon my shoulder.

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