I know these photos are ancient and museum-worthy, but i thought i’d just upload them nonetheless. So… the following 4 photos were from @dollyunicorn’s bday celebration @ Spageddies! Having been there only once before, I had no recollection of the spaghetti being WOW or amazing. What i gathered was that spageddies was just a mediocre spaghetti restaurant in Orchard Central that cost more than what i have to pay at Pasta Mania.

However, i managed to try a few of the dishes that were recommended by the chef this time round, and boy was i blown away. I highly recommend their spaghetti alio olio (simple yet EXTREMELY delicious. my fav!) and the Seafood Sizzelelini – which was slightly pricier, but hey, you get what you pay for!

Yu digging the waist pouch~~~

Yu digging the waist pouch~~~

Hahahaahahha! Looking at this photo makes me laugh. so hard. We were at Takashimaya shopping for Anna’s birthday present beforedinner when my friends decided to play a fool. We headed to the bags and wallets section where the girls (@mypinkpony @plastikkbarbie @seasidesirenss) acted like they were super interested in this waist pouch (above). They even went to the extent of asking the sales aunty for the material of the pouch and engaged her in this conversation like old friends chatting over coffee. The aunty even taught them the various ways to carry it like…. slinging over your shoulder. Lollolllollllolllol. I almost died laughing. Sadly i forgot the brand… hahahahahah

Sales Aunty: This is (the brand)’s latest pouch
Yuling: Wah! (the brand) lehhhhhh!! Got secret compartments somemore. still can carry in so many ways.

Hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahhahahahaha. I tried so hard to contain my laughter.

Seafood Sizzelelini @ Spageddies

Seafood Sizzelelini @ Spageddies


Portobello fries

Portobello fries

Tokyo banana

Tokyo banana

All thanks to mom’s colleague, i finally managed to try the famous Tokyo banana from Japan! The filling was a little too sweet for my liking though… But when it came to the cake part, i immediately understood why people all over the world travel to japan just for it. It’s so soft, melts in your mouth, and just keeps you wanting more. Sinful indulgence.



@ Crystal Jade’s HK Cafe


This claypot rice was so unique in the sense that you have to cook it from scratch, on your own. They even provide you with a timer to keep track of your rice



Yoga time

Yoga time


Le Petite @ Thomson with @genhoffner and @annabelleleong on Tuesday afternoon! It was such an enjoyable time catching up with these girls. I simply love them to bits. So thankful to God for the both of them. Growing close to Gen during Concamp2012 was definitely a blessing! Anw, on a different note, the service at Thomson’s Le petite was just outrageously poor. The lady was so disinterested in serving us and she was just plain rude. IMO, the one at serene center’s a million times better! (Food and service wise)

@ La petite

@ La petite


Creme Caramel

Creme Caramel

And it was Suki-ya with the Usuals that evening. Suki-ya has got to be one of my curent favorite hot pot place!!! I love how their meats come in thin strips which makes cooking and eating so much easier. And not to mention that the meal doesn’t leave you feeling so “jelat”…. I will definitely be back for more!




with pretty enrix!


@ Sukiya



After i started attending weekly yoga classes (2 weeks now), i find my physical body feeling more refreshed than ever. I also do not find the great urge to laze on any couch or possible lying area that i see so much, right now. I’m not sure if it’s a psychological effect, but i really do feel that practicing it 3-4 times a week has made my body slightly flexible. (Though i can’t beat my sister who is able to touch her toes, with her legs straightened, EFFORTLESSLY. No joke.) Let’s just say i haven’t reach there, yet.



Cuz i’m so pretty~~ Hahahahah

IMG_4371Phew. Good job to me for lasting through the long post. I’m sorry if all the pics seemed so messed up because i do not really know how to rearrange them without messing up my entire post. Alright, it’s back to my books right now! Goodnight folks~

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