Photo on 2013-03-17 at 23.44 #3

Hi guys, i’m backkkkk! But not for long though (like who cares) So i’m currently singing along to my Tswizzle with images of me holding my own mini concert, in my mind. \m/ If someone had secretly recorded that scene and broadcasted the footage to the whole wide world, I would have no reason to carry on with life. Shame would be the blood flowing through my veins. (Did i get that right? Sorry, not a a bio nor science student here)

Anw, it’s amazing how far i can deviate and be distracted from the very things that are within my sight. Books flipped to the right page, my pen (was) between my fingers, and i can still blog with my laptop  placed ON TOP of my notes. Bravo belle, bravo. I deserve nothing but a “Good job” and a peck on the cheek?

So… its sunday today, which means a week has passed. I can’t really remember much about my week except that i had my passport renewed. I can never understand the whole “your passport must be valid at least 6 months before the expiry date”. Wouldn’t things be much much much simpler if the expiry date was, very well, THE legit and official expiry date? This just gives me one more redundant thing to calculate.

I also had to take a new photo for my passport, which sucked. As far as it goes, last minute photos taken at a photo shop, cropped at the face, and developed instantly just never come out right. I had a go at it for 3 times that the aunty recognized me and said “你不是今天早上有来过?” which means “Weren’t you already here this morning”, when being translated. I just put on a smile, laughed and acted like i spoke spanish.

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