Life goes full circle


So… I came home with a pink colored protector for my macbook’s keypad yesterday. As usual, i had a hard time deciding – this time on the color. There were hot pink, turquoise, red, purple, and a few others which i was not really interested. I took a good 2 minutes fumbling through the samples, deciding  (again) if this would be a good investment. I took 1 look, another look, yet another look, and decided – Well, it’s just $9, how bad could this be. I made the salesman open up 3 new boxes of half-pink, full pink, and turquoise colored keypad, only to realize i never wanted any of the alternatives.

My eyes first set at the half-pink, before being attracted to the other 2, only to realize all i ever wanted was just the half-pink.

I bought it home, placed it on my keypad, and realized i miss the feeling of my keypads standing on its own. I’ve been accustomed to the original keypad. I much prefer the way my fingers punch each button easily. I love the sounds of the buttons being punched and released with the touch of my fingertips. “I do not like the new protector”, i thought to myself.

“So what if it’s pink? So what if it looks pretty? So what if it was intended to facilitate my typing?

I now realize the beauty of my original keypad and how i’ve taken her for granted. I’ve clearly missed her perfectness while trying to make her as “perfect” as possible. I was proven wrong.

And now, what should i do with my new protector?

My level of indecisiveness has surpassed the highest level possible.  Sometimes i really wonder how  the people around me stand me. This is a question worth pondering…

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