While reading the ST yesterday, i came across an impressive article written in by one of the Straits Times’ readers. Her article was in response to the significant fall in the number of candidates attempting Literature in English, as a full subject, in the O and (if i’m not wrong) A levels examinations in recent years. The short and brief article was, in my opinion, noteworthy. The particular phrase that struck me hard was the line “Unfortunately, modern society seems to know the price of everything and the value of nothing. Our commodity fetish and tendency to economist every aspect of our lives reduce the arts to a utilitarian tool”

I agreed with the line so much that i found myself smiling through the entire line. Smiling not because it was something worth applauding, but because, i am guilty of it. I find it almost amusing that people (including me of course) these days tend to put a price to everything. Everything from clothes to bags to accessories to … even Love – Where the price of love would look something like this on a price tag: “$ 100% of your love“, in exchange for 100% of my love. Ridiculous as it looks, it’s the way it is today. In pricing everything in monetary terms, we tend to overlook the value of it all. It’s almost impossible to value something without any knowledge of it’s price. I find myself constantly replaying this situation time and time over and over again:

*spots a pretty dress*

Me: OMGOSH!!! This dress is so pretty And the material’s really good! I’m so gonna get it

*Checks out the price tag*

Me: $35?!?!

*hangs back*

Hahahahahahaha. Familiar? If this is the way we value everything, how then can we value (or rather, price) intangible things like joy, peace, and happiness today? A branded bag, a car, or a priceless (pun intended) piece of jewelry? Hmm… #FoodForThought

Alright. Will just leave you with photos of my adorable niece and nephews as promised!

IMG_1835 IMG_1834 IMG_1841



IMG_1843 IMG_1847 IMG_1848 IMG_1849 IMG_1867 IMG_1882 IMG_1887 IMG_2837 IMG_2838




Baby Julian, Why do you have to be so cute?!?!

Baby Julian, Why do you have to be so cute?!?!

IMG_2861 IMG_2862

All #Red for my parent's 28th wedding anniversary last week!

All #Red for my parent’s 28th wedding anniversary last week!

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