Marching on


Cereal Prawn which @annabelleleong attempted from scratch last week. THUMBS UP


My (failed) attempt at Macarons 2 days ago…



Swee Choon with my babies after 8hours of studying ystd!


The current state of my table till end of exams *sobzz*

Had a go at macarons baking 2 days ago and, failed… I wanted to try out my new macaron baking sheet only to realize that i have to activate the non-stick feature by applying a layer of oil over it the first time i use it. The best part was, i only decided to research on this after i was done baking, and when all the macarons were stuck to the sheet. Genius.

As for my week, i couldn’t think of any better way to sum it up other than the pics above – with the last pic summing up the biggest part of my current life. I realize i love studying. I love it when i am able to grasp and understand a concept. I just hate it when… i have to race against time.

And oh yes, we just Marched into a whole new month again. Where did my February disappear to?

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