This butter be good








Had a go at baking Buttercake from scratch this afternoon and Boy-O-Boy was I impressed with myself. I think I exceeded my own expectations for a first attempt. The cake turned out moist, soft, fluffy, and just OOo.o000.De.Lec.Ta.Ble.

It was a wonderful albeit tiring attempt. I didn’t have any hand nor stand mixer with me today. I had to literally incorporate the egg whites + sugar till stiff, singlehandedly, with nothing but a… whisk. Not to mention I had to manually cream the butter and sugar till fluffy when the recipe called for the use of a mixer. Bravo belle, Bravo. Howells, the delicious cake made it all worthwhile.

And nothing beats sitting in front of the oven, watching the cake rise, and digesting the aromatic smell emanating from the cake baking in the oven. I almost died just taking a whiff of the buttery fragrance.

The best part of it all, MY CAKE HAD NO CRACKS! I was pretty apprehensive at first about trying this recipe out because I’ve long heard about butter cakes and their frequent cracks. But today’s attempt just proves smth, You never know, IF you never try. Hurray!

I’m just glad that my parents loved it. After all, this cake was baked specially for my father who casually commented that he loves buttercake, just the other day. Baking for a loved one is always worth the time and effort.

And this made my night:

Coming from my mum who’s an experienced baker and has high expectations of homebaked products, I was thrown to a state of euphoria. HELL YEAH.

And oh, it’s back to school tmrw. Welcome to my life.

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