Anticipating Christmas at home!

Headed out for supper w/ @sebasyk, @markiechia, @jamdavidtojam, and @mypinkpony, in our car on Friday night, and…

Dave: We should lock the door at the side where Cristalbelle is sitting. Because, if people were to attack us, they would attack her first. Somemore she doesn’t know how to fight.
Abelle: What makes you think SHE can’t fight???
Me: Ya man!! What makes YOU think I can’t fight?? I can fight OK!!!!!!
Yeokoh: Hahaha. Because, (in a matter-of-fact tone) We all know you can’t fight.

Lesson learnt: True friends tell you the truth, while Sisters help to keep a lie for you. I’m in a Win-win situation.

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