So… We were all waiting for our Mac’s delivery tonight when the doorbell rang. Having intercommed a minute ago, before entering our building, we were pretty sure the one at the door was the delivery man. However, wanting to reassure herself of that, @mypinkpony decided to look through the peephole. Walking towards the peephole, @mypinkpony saw:


At a closer look

Having spotted a red cloth with words imprinted, instead of a red and black delivery man with a bag full of Mac’s burgers, @mypinkpony went

A: “Oh shit! It’s someone else! Not the delivery guy! And that person’s covering the peephole!!”

Thinking that it was some late-night prankster standing before our door, @mypinkpony decided to quickly open the door, with caution, hoping to unravel the person behind the “red cloth”. On opening the door, @mypinkpony started laughing and GUESS WHAT?!

Standing before our door WAS IN FACT, as expected, the delivery man. But the “red cloth” hanging behind the peephole was in actual fact… *DENGDENGDENGDENG*~~

20121118-003719.jpgThe trimmings from the mistletoe hanging on our door! lolllllllllllll!!!

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