Mab’z a-doll-able 21st

Since i’ve some (self-declare) time to spare right now, i thought i would just update this space with all the recent happenings and what-nots circulating around my life lately. Hmm… ok, so i realize the last “real” post that i updated was regarding my 21st, which was a bits-and-pieces-all-over-the-place post. But since that’s like about a month ago (lollll), i’ll just cast that aside and focus on the more recent happenings.

Ok, let me see. We celebrated a 21st birthday for Mabel @ MBS last Friday where she booked a hotel room and gathered all of us there for a celebration. And the theme was: Dolly Tea Party (So cute right?!) Mabz is one lucky girl. She got a free upgrade to a suite (i think it’s a suite) because the person who helped her check in was kind enough to do so knowing she was organizing a party! The room was spacious and i really loved it. My fav part of it had to be the garden balcony, attached to the room, which overlooked Gardens By The Bay which was just directly opposite. The only downside was her room was on the second level and we weren’t able to fully “appreciate the view”

Felt like Gardens by the bay was just a stone’s throw away only, lol

The unbelievably comfortable bed

The “living room” which was not separated from the “bedroom”

The “bar area”


Donuts! Totally craving for the glazed one right now

Pretty bday girl preparing her decos

Couple wear… hahahaha

Mabz did this all by herself! Creativity 101

Loved loved loved the pretz

Yumm… Mabz’ mum prepared all the food all by herself! #pro

w/ @seasidesirenss

Yu totally rocked the “doll” look that night!



I was a rag doll

Hahaha, fav pose of the night!


Halloween 4 u?

Yay, self group shot

Those eyelashes are @annabelleleong’s real eyelashes. They can be longer.

*awkward moment* hahahah


Me + the beautiful bday girl

Won a prize for… a title i STILL do not konw, lol. Was not paying attention. BUT I TOTALLY LOVED THE TIARA Ok! Nth feels better than feeling like a princess.


Our hamper present to her^^

Love this pic i took of @mypinkpony and @plastikkbarbie

Smart girl did this fruit bowl to house her fondue fruits. The smartest part, she used nutella to replace the chocolate fondue. Now, nothing gets better than that.

HAHAHA! Felt like corpses on a white sheet waiting for our family members to identify our bodies *touch wood*, lol.


Wow, that was one extremely longggg pictorial post. Anw, i can’t wait to see this group of people at Yu’s place tmrw! We’re having a cookout + PJs theme party + Halloween Party! And i’m gonna cook and bring some Thai Yum MAMA and Pad thai… Yummmz. Great week everyone!

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