Card out to be sisters in Christ


One of the most beautiful thing one could ever experience is the mere knowledge of knowing you’re remembered. A small text, a whatsapp, a “how have you been?”, a “I miss you” – they just leave you feeling all warm and fuzzy inside. No matter how close or distant (physically and emotionally) both individuals are, it’s the effort of keeping the friendship burning that matters the most.

And the best way to receive this is in a state of unknown; when you actually least expect it. Well this was practically my highlight of yesterday: receiving a handwritten birthday card from @jelenachia, allllll the way from New York!!!!!!!!!! :”)

The way my heart jumped, the feeling of someone – a well-cherished friend, sending her love from 9534 miles away (googled this btw, lol), the way the entire card was filled with well-wishes and heartfelt words, the not expecting to receive one…. My mind just instantly turned to that beautiful girl in Buffalo and my heart just let out a prayer of protection for her.

I can’t express how Thankful I am to The Lord for having met such a wonderful girl like her. I can’t even pour out all my “thank-you”s to the Almighty because He has done great things for me! Just when I was experiencing a blah day, *BOOOMZ* came a letter all the way from NewYork. That just made my week.

Ps, If you’re reading this Jelena, i will be praying for you for as long as you are in the other end of the world. I miss you, the entire lectors miss you, and I’m pretty sure the majority of Nativity wish you were in Singapore. Takecare and be back soon! Loveeeeeee!

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