Recently I’ve been updating briefly and haven’t been updating about all the “real” stuff… which makes this space slightly boring, doesn’t it? Ok, actually i myself am not even sure what “real” stuff are. I mean, what do people usually blog (or rant) about? About their day? their significant other? their troubles? problems with their significant other? Or do they update whatever shit that comes to their mind, which is something i do most of the time. Howells, i mean who even reads this space nowadays…. hahaha. So i shall just update this for the sake of my own entertainment.

Ok, since i do not have abnormally fun/crazy days nor  any significant other to blog about, I only have my troubles to talk about… which i don’t really fancy because it will only portray me as an emotional individual who’s so sick and tired of this world that she is constantly in solitude and against the entire universe.

Ok, let me just recall what happened today. OH OH! Today marked the first day of my last sem in school (which i was indifferent about) and NOTHING interesting happened. I headed to school alone, attended the lecture alone, and left school all by myself. #Independent lady 101. That being said, i actually can’t fathom as to why people have problems with people being physically alone. It’s like there is the existence of this default equation, alone = loner = lonely. To me the equation doesn’t quite validate wholly. In fact, i actually do love being alone. It gives you time to think, time to reflect, and to just, be alone.

And now i actually have nothing to talk about… Maybe it’s a cue that i should just shut up and end this post. Alright, till the next time when i have something more engaging to talk about, takecare folks!

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