Jung Suk Won

How does he remain so perfect-looking even in this distorted and ghostly image. What sorcery is this…

And wah. How does he strike my attention even in this Black and White picture?? HOW?? Don’t la…

Recently i’ve been hooked on this korean drama called Ojaykgyo Brothers. I’m watching it not only because of it’s storyline, but also because of this Hottie… *DENGDENGDENGDENG* Jung Suk Won. Man, you have no idea how my sister and I (hahaha, ok ok. Just me alone most of the time) always go “Soooo goodlookinggggggggg” + gush at his face whenever he appears on screen ok. lollll.

Damn it. I cannot stop staring at his face. Hahah, sorry la, this is like the closest we will ever get… Nothing more than being separated by a screen #SoFail #NoFate. lolllll.

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