Fosters High-Tea @ HV

Loved how their menu was in the form of a newspaper

All of us agreed that Fosters manifested this “Christmasy” Feeling which was just so beautiful.

@plastikkbarbie “reading”. hahha.

The Afternoon Set Tea that we were there for!

Hahaha. Love this pic. I was taking my time to capture her and she ended up panicking because her cup was close to overflowing, lolllll

Awww, pretty!

@plastikkbarbie: “David see this sure High” (Pun intended i suppose). haaha.

Our 4 sets presented onto 2 plates. (At first i was kinda bewildered as to why didn’t they just serve each individual their own distinct plate. Then it dawned on me that the table was too small to accomodate 4 plates because of the 4 tea-pots + 4 cups that were served earlier on, haha)

@seasidesirenss + @mypinkpony

Yuz singing her lungs out. True karaoke fan indeed… HAHAHAHA! i kid!

Sauyan + I! :*

Mandatory group shot



Our typical Marche dinner….


The new arm candy that the 5 of us bought together! JACKY SPIRIT, hahaha. (Btw, i’m referring to the weaved bracelet and not the CK watch)

Finally meeting her after 1 month! CAN’T BELIEVE THIS!

Headed to Fosters @ Holland Village for a High-Tea with @plastikkbarbie, @mypinkpony, and @seasidesirenss on Monday afternoon! Having heard about their highly-raved scones & their Affordable + Satisfactory High Tea, we decided to take a visit and try them for ourselves. Stepping into the restaurant, i was captured by the dim yet bright lights (Yes, you read it right) emitting from the Christmas lights that were hanging around the restaurant.

I call it dim yet bright lights because the light being radiated was not your usual bright light shining from your normal light bulbs, but was instead the faint and pale kind. And yet in it’s dimness, THAT light was the main source of light that brightened up the room. This distinct feature of theirs did stir some warmness in my Heart (lol, i can’t help but sound so emotional and dramatic) as it reminded me so very much of Christmas, an important season of the year for me if you didn’t know.

And adding to that subtle Christmas mood, the love ballads that played in the background just amplified the entire Christmasy atmosphere! GORGEOUS. Alright, moving on to the food. The entire set costs S$11++ and it comes with a pot of tea (refillable upon request), 2 scones (accompanied with strawberry jam, cream, and butter), 1 fruitcake, and 2 mini sandwiches. Everything was pretty mediocre, the sandwich was… pretty flat in my opinion, BUT BUT BUT, lo and behold, THEIR SCONES ARE TO DIE FOR. This, you definitely HAVE to try for yourself.

The pipping hot scones as they arrive at your table may seem like something part of the ordinary, but boy will you be amazed. After spreading a good layer of their homemade strawberry preserve (it’s homemade if i’m not wrong) onto the scone and taking a bite of it… You will feel like you just took a trip to Mars and back. The way the hotness of the scone, the sweetness of the preserve, and the notable flavour of their scone combines, it just leaves you lingering for more. I will definitely make another trip there again!

So anw, right after our high-tea, we headed to town to meet @kittykatparade (!!!) whom i didn’t meet in a month prior to that. I couldn’t believe that the previous time i saw her was during her birthday celebration in End July… Homgosh! WHAT ARE WE DOING?!?! Bestfriends and only meeting on a monthly basis. This must stop. Alright, but i do understand that it’s highly impossible for us to meet so frequently because that girl is so busy with her SIA Cabin Crew training! On the bright side, she is happy with what she’s doing right now! I’m just glad that we managed to make time for one another. And ultimately, it’s more about how these rare moments are being spent rather than how many times you meet.

Alright, this has been a long post and it’s time for me to run off! Have a great weekend folks!

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