God’s creation

 So often we just let things pass us by. The way clouds of various shapes float so effortlessly in the vast blue sky, the way the breath of the wind sway trees from side to side, the way the sun lights up the earth, the way the heat being emitted keeps us warm – to warm our hearts, the rare beauty of the stars in the night sky (especially so in Singapore), the subtle touch of the gentle breeze as it caresses our cheeks, the intangible air that we take in so quickly, the massive beauty of nature, the limitless creation; God’s Amazing creation.

It’s so easy to take things for granted when we have become so accustomed to them. Having been so used to possessing them in our day-to-day lives, we gradually, but surely, neglect the fact that they might not be here the next day. We just let them pass us by. We just let them lose their beauty and their worth in our eyes. We just let them grow habitual. We just classify them as an everyday familiarity. We fail to Thank God for his majestic work. We fail to even think of HIM.

Man, i really do miss being in Bintan. I miss lying beneath the limitless nightsky, being reduced to nothing but a minute individual enjoying the view of the stars in the galaxy, and just being overwhelmed by the wonder and beauty of God’s creation. How i just love such views.

Be Thankful today.

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