If I didn’t know you / I’d rather not know

Awesome voice, Great song, Sweet Lyrics, Wonderful Video. Only problem, still in search of the other half. Hahahaha. Enjoy!

Anw, i was out shopping with @mypinkpony yesterday and i totally embarrassed myself FOUR times by almost slipping.  Hahaha. *Slaps forehead* I had no idea why, but it was definitely hilarious. So i was at Bysi@Far East when i almost slipped at 3 different corners of the shop! #Thehorror. So right after we left the shop, i told my sister “Shit. The floor at Bysi was so slippery. I almost fell thrice man.”, and we just laughed it off. 10 minutes later, we were at some random lane in Far East and…. i. survived. a. slip. A.G.A.I.N. And this time round, my sister went “I think it’s not the floor. It’s your shoe”. LOLLLLLLLLL!

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