God be exalted!

I’m still in the midst of deciding if i should trim my hair when i head out later on… Y / N? It looks good as it is, but i’m just itching to do something. I miss having long hair though. Not exactly the length per se, but the things i could do with my long hair. Like braiding them all over, scrunching them into a big fat bun, and just twirling them at the ends when i’m stress or spacing out. But well, everything has its pros and cons, right?

Before i adopted this shoulder-length hair (alright, slightly longer than shoulder-length hair) 3 months ago, i NEVER understood guys and their bi-weekly haircuts. It’s like whenever a guy says he needs a haircut, with me recalling that he had one less than a month ago, i would always overreact and remind them of their RECENT haircut as if they’re suffering from some sort of severe dementia or another. But now, i truly understand.

Anw it’s approximately 2 weeks to September. SO. MUCH. THINGS. GG. ON. NEXT. MONTH. –> Nativity’s 160th Feast Day –>Macau + HK Trip (!!!) –> Cousin’s wedding –> New Semester (last sem actually, hehe) –> my 21st Birthday party. Yummmmz. Can’t wait to roll into September!

And through this all, through it all, i HAVE to thank the Almighty one above for HIS constant mercy and grace. HE never fails and HE always provides. I’m glad i’ve HIM to count on. ^^v So blessed :”)

Alright, i gotta run off to have my fav oats milk for breakfast before heading out with @mypinkpony. God bless everyone!

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