Keep Calm and have a cake




Spent the afternoon scouting for poster printers, bakers and all sort of what nots for our 21st, with our parents, and i am already finding this to be no easy feat. I just realized that my birthday’s in less than 2 months time, and i have tons of To-Dos to strike off. From the invitation, to the decoration planning, to deciding the cake design, to all the small little details, ample planning is definitely needed. I’ve no idea where to start from, but at least i have a partner in crime (hehe, Perks of having a twin), and the venue and menu are already settled. Thank You, Jesus.

So anw, we dropped by Ren Bakers at Upper Payar Lebar this afternoon for some cake testing, and i think i already have some idea of what flavor of cake i wanna get for my birthday. *keeping my fingers crossed* that this is possible…

Alright, i guess i better run off to do some last minute packing for our Bintan trip tmrw! Can’t wait to get my butt on board the ferry and set sail to a time of relaxation, enjoyment and quality moments with my family and extended family. God is just so amazing. Have a great National Day, Singaporeans!


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