@kittykat’s 21st




BB w/ her Prada wallet, with love from us!

Surprised Jo with a cake from the buffet… Hahaha. Cheapskate at its best.

Chocolately love

We wiped out the entire Durian Pengat because it was so tooooo good. Esp with coconut milk and gula melaka drizzled over it (Y)

Pita Bread + Durian Pengat!

Unwrapping her fake present

hahha, empty Adidas watch box + a H&M card with zero value!

Hehe, actual present over here.

With the BFF!

Mandatory shot with the Birthday Girl

Yu and Jo!

Abelle and Jo

Sy and Jo

Group Shot<3!

Celebrated bbgirl’s 21st with a buffet dinner at Windows By the Park@Holiday Inn last night. It was also the night where i finally had the chance to meet the entire group of them after not meeting these girls on a regular basis ever since work started. Therefore it was such a blessing that all of us could meet for a nice dinner and get together yesterday 🙂 The company was delightful, and i genuinely feel so blessed to be able to have met and gotten close to such a beautiful group of people… People to grow old with till we’re all aged, wrinkly and semi-senile.

Having been to Windows by the park for their buffet dinner a number of times before, i personally felt that the standard of their buffet dropped. (Luckily there was a 1-for-1 promotion) The variety of food served was limited, the chefs took quite a while to replenish the dishes, the only sashimi offered was tuna, they didn’t have my favorite crepe, and their ice cream was semi melted /: The saving grace was probably the durian Pengat which all of us loved. So good we even had to request for more… HAHAHAHA.

Honestly, i feel so blessed that i can’t help but just say a “Thank You” to God in my Heart. His Grace and Mercy, they’re eternal. Experience Him and be surprised!

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