Evidently, i’m a fan of the color “Pink”. Pink room, Pink Bed Frame, Pink Ukelele, Pink Ukelele Case, Pink face…? (the reflection from my Pink (again) curtains in front of me)

And so, moving on, i’m… uh, stuck… Honestly, I’m not even sure why am i here. I could be off doing more constructive things like removing my grotesque nail polish, provoking my dog, or just simply changing TV channels every 5 seconds. But nope. Lately, my thoughts have been fleeting. They try to “hide” in empty spaces spotted, stay there for  a minute or two, and then disappear without the slightest hint of Goodbye. So unfriendly. As for other times, i’m just not certain of what’s happening. Ok, this has proved to be a much incoherent post.

Alright, I’m gonna enjoy the rest of my afternoon with the sounds of the talented Jason Mraz, a cup of hot tea, and me trying to pull (at least a small fraction) a Jason Mraz. Just let me try to attain a partial bit of his incomparable ukelele/guitar skills + his charming voice. Impossible, but i shall try.

Have a blessed week ahead folks!


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