Since I’ve some time at hand right now (which is totally uncommon ever since internship started), I guess I should just ease my mind and slowly allow it to retreat back into its sheltered area, concealing it from all things finance and work related.

I can’t believe my last day of internship is drawing near. 3 weeks of 0830-1730 just flew by like a falcon, and it’s just one week to go before I “Graduate” from my current internship. These 3 weeks definitely opened my eyes to the world of stocks and investments, and I can safely say that my knowledge of this industry has deepened over the entire course. Though it might prove to be an exaggeration to say that the knowledge gain was extensive, I am still grateful for the wonderful people that I’ve met and interacted with over the past 15 days.

Right… I was supposed to abstain from all things finance and work related. Alright, moving on.

So anw, these 3 weeks made me ponder a lot. And me being me, I couldn’t help but question about my future. It’s like all of a sudden, the entire “Is this what I foresee myself to be doing in the future?” question just shines brighter than ever, almost as striking as the bright neon street lights that blind you in the night. And as much as I wish to avoid saying this, I’ve got to say that this shit does scare me.

To be honest, Regrets haunt me the most. Its one of the many few things that prevents you from being genuinely happy. And with that, I do not wish to enter a patch that would bring me one step closer to a lifetime of regret. I can’t bear to do something just for the sake of doing it ; Something that would plague me with regret 10 years down the road, hoping i could just turn back time with a snap of the finger.

I guess it’s time i really consider my priorities and my true calling. And sometimes, most of the time in fact, i just wish passion would be easily carved into talent.

Who knows what’s to come? There’s always a possibility that i might just be happy with what i’m doing the next day, and i would continue walking this finance path? Ha, i’m such a joke.

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