BKK: Image Heavy


I shall just sum up my entire Bangkok trip with the following images because there’s pretty much nothing to talk about since 3/4 of the time was spent shopping (Came home with 11 bottoms, 12 tops, 13 dresses and a mighty lot of random accessories, hahahah), and the rest of the time was spent eating and relaxing our time away. This trip was definitely worthwhile and therapeutic ; Company was fantastic with my family and my 2 lovely beautiful godsisters! (Gawd i miss spending 24/7 with them!), and i definitely need more of such short trips.

Alright, i shall just leave you all with the pictures. Till then, have a lovely weekend!

These Swarovski pens are sooooo pretty i swear. Was so tempted to get one for myself. And it only costs $59?!


(L) Window seats

SQ’s dessert

Headed to Chinatown for dinner on the first night.

@ T&K Seafood

Shark’s fin


One of my fav!

Tomyam Soup

Pappy: “Take a photo of me and the prawn” hahaha, QT.

Thai coconuts are so sweet i tell you.

Bird’s nest @ Nam Sing

Footwear galore~

Breakfast @ Baiyoke Suite hotel

Their prata was supposedly the best in Bkk… but none of us tried, hahahahah!!

I think i wiped out their scrambled eggs… it was so creamy and delicious!

Eggs overload

70Baht (~S$3), cheap cheap.



Flower Headband

Damn, my eyes.


Some spicy and sour soup which i really enjoyed! Slurpsss

8 local condiments (Red ruby, chendol, Sticky rice, Nata De Coco, Jackfruit, Roasted Peanuts, Corn and smth else, hahaha) which accompanied the coconut ice cream. Generous serving!

@ BKK’s Nara Thai Restaurant


Tried their famous RVV!

Personally, i feel that Twelve Cupcakes’ RVV beats everyone else’s hands down.

What’s BKK without shopping @ NaRaYa?

Cath Kidston

Word of advice, The stuff at BKK’s Forever21 are more expensive than Singapore’s! So NOT worth buying at all!

Waiting for the shuttle bus to send us to MBK!

Evan’s fav bkk snack – Thai Crispy Pancake

Headed for a massage on the evening of our third day!

View from the 82nd level of Baiyoke Sky Hotel where we went for a buffet dinner.


@ Baiyoke Sky’s revolving deck!

Hahah, i thought this shot was quite cool. All 5 of us walking in a single file.

Love their sauces!

Waffles, Sundaes and Ice Cream @ Bkk’s Swensen’s cuz they are extremely cheap!

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