Growing up

Loved the little giraffe that sat on the cake. So adorable!

What’s with the STOP hand signal dude…


5 girls and 1 guy...

Food from 401

So we (@jelenachia, @mypinkpony, @trudychua, Wynee and I) had a belated birthday surprise for @kevinzephaniah at Wynee’s place on Friday night with a cupcake + Fried carrot cake and Chicken wings from 401! We practically just sat around Wynee’s dining table the whole time where we chatted till 4am the next morning (literally). You really do know you when you and your friends have all grown up and matured when your entire conversation circles around life, the deeper meaning of life, and yup, basically about Life. The entire 5 hours was definitely well-spent and intriguing.

I really really loved Kevin’s input regarding his internship at the Cancer Center at KK Hospital, which occurred… last year? I have to admit that i was struck by what the 4 of them shared at the table that night. By the end of the night, i couldn’t help but realize how most of us people are so easily forgetful of how truly blessed we are. Instead of acknowledging the many small gifts that keep us safe, we tend to dwell on the “Do not haves” and “Why is this happening to me”s, that we fail to absolutely appreciate what we have, and unknowingly flag these blessings as our “given rights” by God. What we do not understand is how some unfortunate people out there are struggling so hard ; extremely hard, just to search for the many so-called “Given rights” that we ourselves already own.

In a way, i do feel that we humans (I admit myself included) are so shallow at times. In the sense that the way we think, the way we feel, the actions we pass, they just dont seem to show the denser side of us. These times we are likely to portray ourselves as individuals that are callous and insensitive to the wider meaning of being absolutely unfortunate and hopeless.

To end of this post, i just want to share this one question that Jelena asked which struck all of us:

“Why are you really studying? What is the main reason that you are furthering your studies in a University?” 

For financial security? To seek knowledge? To satisfy your parents? For society? As a passport to your future? Or what else… Is this what your heart truly seeks?

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