@shyan’s 23rd


Met up with my favorite MCG (Like finally!!!) on Wednesday night to celebrate @xshyan’s birthday with a dinner… which lasted all the way till 3am the next morning! I was so glad to be able to spend quality time with this lovely bunch of people without having to worry about rushing home to complete my revision. Hello Awesome life.

That particular afternoon was spent catching up with my love, @kittykatparade, over an impromptu meal at Mos Burger (Lunch round II, hahaha), before crossing over the road to get Shyan’s Birthday cake, or should i say Strudel? Anw, i just have to say that i REALLY REALLY LOVE this BFF of my mine like no other :* Sometimes the way we read each other’s mind is insanely accurate.

Hi babygirl! I love this picture of you. Your hair looks so soft and silky! haha

the SUPER DUPER MEGA EXTREMELY Huge Full Apple strudel that we bought to surprise Shyan

So Jo and I then headed to town to meet @mypinkpony and @jamdavidtojam to chill for a short while before heading to Raffles City to meet the rest of the MCGs for dinner at Bibigo!

I just had to upload this picture because all of us honestly looked like we were in the midst of a formal Board of Directors meeting with Yu (Totally digging the look with her blazer) being the CEO.

@ Bibigo

Singing opera ah bb?

@Mypinkpony’s Beef Bibimbap

Korean rice cake that we ordered to share

My meal of Chicken Bibimbap

How not to love an entire bowl of Vegetables?!?!?1

Awww, pretty girls!


Tryna act like some Korean Girl band which… #FAILED

(Inserts Heart)

S U R P R I S E!!

The lovely Birthday girl!

Our 2nd birthday gift to her with the first being a microwave oven which she wanted


Headed to town after dinner to check out the Sale at H&M, which was disappointing for me because of the lack of sizes and the inadequate extensiveness of sale items (or so i thought). There wasn’t really a cornered area which was purely dedicated to the SALE items and you have to go search and dig them out on your own… which i really hate.

THIS is where all hell broke loose and a series of seemingly hilarious photos emerged. I MEAN PLEASE JUST LOOK AT THESE GIRLS?!?! They were busy stealing props to dress themselves up

The 3 Musketeers

Feng Fei Fei

Absolutely love this candid shot i captured!


Highlight of the night!



Headed to Artease@Cine for a drink right after the time spent at H&M because all of us couldn’t decide where to proceed from there, and we just wanted to “Hang Out”. Hahaha, rebellious group of people… #IKid!

@ Artease



Hi Shyan!

Hung out around Artease for awhile, chatted, sang along to the songs that were playing (OMGGGG! KBOX SOON PLZ?!?!?!) and then we had no choice but to leave because the place was closing. And while we were walking to the train station to catch the train, Yu (The only one whose exams have yet to end) suggested we hung out for a(ahem)while more because she didn’t feel like going home, and all of us agreed because we all felt the same way, so… to Happy Daze @ Gardens we went!

@Happy Daze


The only one drinking hot coffee… hahahah

And finally we headed to RK to satisfy all the hungry tummies and to rot through the night. Shared a piece of paper prata with @mypinkpony, which was MASSIVE. Ok, weight wise, not exactly. But the height of the prata blew everyone away. Just look at the picture after this. It was towering over everyone when the guy brought it to our table.

Paper Prata @RK

Look at how tall it was! Towering over the heads of @dollyunicorn and @xshyan!

Hitched a ride home from @plastikkbarbie… Not bad at all aye

Whenever i see the last picture i cannot help but laugh to myself because i would just recall the story behind this pic. Ok, so i was sitting on the last row with @mypinkpony and @jamdavidtojam, when @plastikkbarbie did a U-Turn and i just coincidentally took a shot of her driving. And i swear during that split second, @dollyunicorn and @plastikkbarbie got a shock of their lives because they thought that the flash from my camera was the flash of the camera of the Traffic Camera. HAHAHAHAHAHAHA. What a JOKE! I think the bigger joke was that they were not doing anything illegal at all. Hahahah.

Alright, gotta run off right now! Till then, tata xx!

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