SNIPpets of my life


Gelish Nailz


My 2 new reads that have, and will be accompanying me for as long as i’m not done with them^^


A stalk of flower from @jamdavidtojam to celebrate end of exams. OH HOW I SIMPLY ADORE ITS COLOR!


Me w curls for like… <24hrs. Yeap.


And then it was back to straight hair again + i snipped off quite a fair bit of my hair!


My Bibimbap during @xshyan’s birthday dinner last night!


The mega HUGE Strudel Cake we surprised @xshyan with!


With my luvvv :*


The paper prata that @mypinkpony and I shared for supper last night!

So these are just pretty much a few of the still frames that were captured during the past few days of my life… And i can officially scream/ shout/ announce that my life is SO BEAUTIFUL right now, now that my exams are ALL G O N E (Fleeting happiness). This means that i have successfully eradicated the major (actually more of the main) stress factor that was restraining me for the past few months (Y) BYEBYEBYEBYEBYEBYE EXAMS~~~!

I was intending to update an entire post on Shyan’s bday dinner last night but 1)I got lazy, 2)I am lazy, and 3)I feel lazy, so i thought i should just skip that entire chapter for another day, and continue with a few chapters of my book right after this, and retreat to bed thereafter.

And if you were thinking, yes i did perm my hair on Monday afternoon… which left me looking like a bizarre lioness under a mess of failed hair treatment sessions the next morning, so i ended up rebonding my hair to it’s original straightness on Tuesday afternoon, and ended up with me having approximately 3 inches of my hair being snipped off. I love how my hair feels so manageable and light-weighted right now, and i’m actually loving the entire look of it!

Anw, i just have this inherent nature to have my thoughts venture to somewhere aimless at random times when i can either be be peeing, stoning, walking, eating, or just doing anything or nothing at all, and i was just wondering where did the name of the bread “Bo lo Bao” got its roots from when i was munching on one earlier on. Then i realized that “bo lo” means pineapple, and that the bun has got nothing to do with pineapple AT ALL, (as in there are no traces of pineapple in the entire bun at all), but they just named it that because the top crust looks like a pineapple… WHICH i thought was REALLY EXTREMELY cool because… i can practically tell someone i’m eating a Pineapple bun… when i’m actually not. OMGZZZZ, MINDBLOWING~~ And then u think why am i so weird. Yup.

Goodnight, everyone!

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