Norwegian Wood


So… Exams have officially ended for me, and i’m definitely slowly crawling back into being, and starting to live like an average human being all over, once again. Prior to my last paper, I thought i would experience this overwhelming sense of Euphoria (I was quite looking forward to it actually) the moment i’m able to step out of the exam hall not having to stress over rushing home to complete my revision for the next paper, BUT, i was SO. SO. WRONG. All it took was just 5 minutes, a line of “Exams are over”, a Single Smile, a heave of relief, and a “Yay!” to put me back into reality… that some of my papers were far from confident, and i now have to worry about my results. #UnendingMiseriesOfLife

Howells, i shall just push that thought aside and revisit them 4 months later when i am more than compelled to get all jittery and apprehensive about everything. Right now i’m just going to enjoy life, bask in the beautifulness of everything, take one step at a time, learn to appreciate (even the smallest of gifts), practice acceptance of the Good and the Bad, and just Thank God for every single moment of my life here on earth.

And throughout this few agonizing months of pain and misery, i need to Thank the Almighty for HIS Unending Grace and Love that he has showered upon me.  It was HIM that pulled me through that tedious and dreary situation, and it was the same HIM who allowed me to make it through, safe and sound. Thank You, Father. What would i be without you.

And now that i have quite a substantial amount of free time on hand, i will take this time to realize the many things i wanted to do before my examinations, and gradually end up ticking every single item on my things-to-complete-after-exam list. Just last night i bought 2 books from Popular: Norwegian Wood by Haruki Murakami and Before I Go to Sleep by S. J. Watson, to keep me company for as long as i am married to them, and spend my days flipping through the pages, letting the characters take me to wherever the author intended them to. In between those periods i will try to bake (!!!), cook, sing, and catch up with people whom i’ve distant with over the past 3 months. As for right now, i need to cough and sketch up a T-shirt design to be submitted for the NYC camp. And  here’s just a rough plan of how my 4 months of holidays would be:

Bkk!!! >> NYC Camp 2012 >> Jason Mraz Live >> Internship >> My 21st Birthday Party

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