Lately i’ve been so in touch with my bed and the entire intangible-realm-that-every-sick-patient-travels-to, that i have been so out of touch with everything and everyone. What’s happening in my life? I am not exactly sure myself and i can’t exactly define it. I have no idea what happened, what’s happening, or what’s about to happen. I am so bad at mending things even when they have yet to fall apart. Just shallow cracks surfacing in between and i am already faltering and feeling so distress and helpless about everything. And what am i driving at you may ask, well, “I’m not exactly sure myself”. Oh, how Pathetic can i get.

I’m sorry for my incoherent post and my lack of articulation in expressing what i meant to say (when i actually have no idea what i meant to say) but because i said something and i know, and you know, that they don’t seem to make any sense, so therefore, i am sorry.

Ok, right. All i know is that my first paper is in uhm, 2, Yes T W O days and i am more than prepared to fail it. And btw, this is not just sheer pessimism or whatsoever on my part. It’s just that the truth is being laid out before my very eyes, and i would be a coward, who escapes from reality, if i didn’t have the courage to face up to it.

Now… what? Oh yes, Ribena.

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