Die Fever, D I E.

My first paper is in a week’s time and my body decides to play a nasty prank on me by tearing down my entire immune system, and plaguing my life with an extra problem like… de.ve.lo.ping a Fever. (KILL ME NOW) This is so mentally and physically exhausting because 1) i can’t concentrate on my studies and i find it hard to stay focus, 2) I’m not getting enough nutrients to sustain my physical body and 3) I’m not exactly very prepared for the exams as i still have quite a range of things to cover. W-O-W, #FML. BIG TIME. I can totally see where this is going… I’m running on a hill at full-force, and i’m bound to fall off the cliff in 3-2-1. Death awaits me. Goodbye everyone~

So all i can practically do right now is to just pray that this pain and fever would miraculously disappear, and i can be back on track to conquer this agonizing road of misery. And very obviously, whoever came up with the whole “when life gives you lemon you should make lemonade out of it” phrase, has clearly not seen a real lemon because you evidently can’t pry open an entire lemon with your B A R E hands?!?! Now where is the juicer i need to turn all these lemons to lemonade??

Ok. On an extremely bright note, in exactly 2 weeks’ time, my life…. would….. return… to NORMAL (Y) Come let’s pop some champagne and release some helium ballons to the sky to celebrate the triumph death of these few months of torture! Oh sweet liberation. So Yummy.

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