So, it’s almost 11am and i am still in the process of downing my slightly non-average breakfast (or brunch or whatever), which is nothing more than a slice of Awfully chocolate cake. Think thick, fudgy, chocolate sliced cake… All morning i’ve been repeating the motion of poking my fork into my cake, breaking them up into smaller (but not so much of bite-sized) pieces, and stuffing them into my mouth like some average teenager with her typical girl problems.

I have no idea what induced me to give in to this lump of seemingly harmless piece of Paradise, but i will definitely bear all the calories and sugars fitted within this piece of goodness, halfheartedly. Come evening, i would have successively lamented and bemoaned about how i’m evidently binge eating and consuming all kinds of unacceptable, sinful, and vicious food, and i would have cried and gone all hard on myself, maddened with the unnecessary unhappiness i’ve brought upon my body. I feel sorry for my body to have to put up with my excessive and incoherent consumption of food.

Now let me just trace the internet with the belief of finding some substantial scientific evidence supporting the positive linkage between happiness and chocolates, and hopefully find this whole consuming-a-cake-in-the-morning to be nothing out of the extraordinary. I just pray that this temporary absurdity is the result of my current stressful phase, in preparation for my exams, and everything will beautifully fade away by the end of this 3 weeks.

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