Nothing feels better than the taste of chocolate


Finally went for a run (after 3 weeks of not hitting the gym) yesterday... almost Cr u m bl e d and D I E D.

Riding through a depressing night with my physical self being sold to weariness, and my inner soul being sliced open and exposed to the entire world to be trampled on.

All day I’ve been plagued with the misery and pain of trying to understand this innocent looking subject, Macroecons. She definitely fits the bill of being labelled as The Bane of my (bloody) existence, and she is on her way to destroying me, body and soul. And my day decided to get worst through the night. All I’m hoping for is for someone to take the initiative to try to understand me a little better… Or at least to try to recognize where I’m coming from.

Here. Examinations ruin the life of me, it takes away my sanity, makes me lose my foothold, and this merciless wicked evil dictator is definitely the vestibule leading to strings of intense heated arguments which, in my honest opinion, can take the world by storm.

Oh please don’t get me started again before I start recalling the happenings of this evening, enter into this state of forlorness, and consume another piece of this sinful Famous Amos cookie which is packed with tremendous of non-beneficial nutrients.

So please, just make things better for me, will you?

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