Simple Joys


Our items from Editor's Market!


The package


Popeye's delivery for dinner with my family last Sunday!


My fav Egg McMuffin for breakfast this morning!


Edgar Allan Poe! Man... so much memories from my lit days in CJ!

I’m so glad we (@mypinkpony and I) managed to get 7 pieces of clothing for a total of $120 (Approx $17/piece), with everything being packed, sealed and delivered right to our very doorsteps! With Editor’s Market‘s online shopping service, shopping is now made sooo much easier, and everything’s just a B R E E Z E. And the best thing is they have a sharing of cart feature which… i really really REALLY love! ++++ Point!

Thanks to @kittykatparade, @kingqueenjack and @seasidesirenss, we managed to purchase more than 15 items collectively, and bagged all our items at the price tagged under  “15 Pieces and above” (Y) (Y) Whoohooo!

Anw, I wanna catch The Raven! I got so emotional and excited when i found out that they’re using Poe’s short stories to turn it into a movie, with Poe being the protagonist! OH MAN. Memories from my JC literature days just came flashing back! It’s like this entire sense of familiarity just washed over me. And my hand just unknowingly sourced through the little drawer of mine, digging out my exam text for Poe :””)

Damn… I really miss having my own free time. I miss the feeling of being absorbed into a book and breathing the same air as the characters in the text. Exams, BE GONE.

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