Bali Breathing


With my temporary Swallow tattoo, then.

Along the streets

I was just browsing through my photos earlier on and i must say that, I. Miss. Bali! The trip itself was not as rewarding as i wanted it to be, think non-stop rain, dark clouds, heavy rainfall, thunder and lightning dominating the skies, when the only place that you should be residing is just Bali’s beach, and her beach alone.

The weather was just terrible and unforgiving, but i’m glad i still managed to score a short stroll down Kuta Beach on one of my lazy afternoon. I can still recall how i was just about to pay for my surfboard (First time in my life), when… the sky decided to harden her heart, and forced me to run to the nearest shelter, Hard Rock Hotel Bali, which was located just directly opposite Kuta Beach.

Sigh. I need a getaway out of this city b a d l y. I need a breather. I want to return to Bali; To pick up the pieces from where i left off. And preferably this time round, i might just be greeted with Sunshine and Chirpy weather.

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