Maundy Thursday 2012


The lame shit you do to your photos when your car is stuck in the middle of a massive jam...


@ JB


The prices of the noodles can be cheaper...


The dry kway teow was probably the best bowl of kway teow i've ever had in my life. For real. As for the bowl of soup, i've tasted better ones though...





New reflection book (Y)

Can’t believe the most important day of the Catholic Calendar will be here in 1 day… I’m pretty psyched for the Easter Vigil mass which is going to be celebrated tmrw night (or rather tonight), where Enrica’s mum is finally gonna get Baptized! HURRAY. So anw, Maundy Thursday came and gone so quickly. We attended mass in the evening, followed by Church visitation at night, and we ended the night with a drive into JB for supper.

Church visitation at the churches along Bras Besah road was beyond beautiful. It was so heartwarming to see streams of Faithful followers entering and exiting the various churches praying and kneeling in adoration. Everyone just lifted their night and minds and heart to the Holy One who was praying in distress to the Father, that Faithful night, milleniums ago. It pretty much felt like i was attending a wake where the mood was solemn and sombre, and everyone was just lifting their prayers and replaying the entire passion in their head, taking themselves back to that crucial night when Jesus was preparing for his death, a death which was to fulfill the scripture. It was as if these words from the scripture were being re-enacted in the action and veneration of every person who stepped into the different churches: “Watch and pray”

All i can say is, that my heart yearns, seeks, loves, cherishes, and adores the Saviour who was crucified on the cross. The Love that HE has projected, is a Love that NO other human love can compare.

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