Crush Vs. Love


Probably my favorite quote in the entire book

Now that i’m done with Perks of Being a Wallflower, I am feeling so lost. I’m still undecided whether I should start on a new book or not, because my exams are pretty much round the corner and I don’t really want to be too distracted… Though I will definitely check out “Room” by Emma Donoghue which Paolo recommended.

Anw, I’m not so sure if I’m the only one who experiences this, but whenever I’m done with a book, i feel so misplaced and disoriented. It’s like you were made to spent some substantially quality time with the protagonist, you participated in their world,  had the liberty to look inside their soul to experience their Pain, Insecurities, Happiness, Joys, and Love, and all of a sudden, after flipping to the last page, you have no clue as to how they are living their life right now. In a second, you are not a part of their world anymore. It’s a dead end on the other side of the receiver, and all that encompasses the conversation between you and the protagonist are just silence and doubts.

Pretty much like falling in Love and being pushed away aye?

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