IJ Girls for life


IJ girls for lifeeeeee!~ ❤


w/ (a part of) @plastikkbarbie and @kittykatparade


Bbgirl :*


Finally wore one of my All-Time Favorite outfits yesterday after not wearing it for, 5 years? It was definitely nostalgic to put on that piece of White and Blue on me again. Memories from my 10 years as an IJ girl came rushing back to me and i couldn’t help but recall how i used to wear it almost every weekday, and how it gradually, but definitely, became a part of me. A huge substantial part at that.

I will and can never forget my years as an IJ girl. They say being an IJ girl is for life. I finally understood what it meant. No one is able to remove the IJ from an IJ girl. My best school years definitely came from my life as an IJ girl: I met my bestfriend, became extremely close to a group of wonderful people who love and appreciate me for who i am, and i positively learnt the true meaning of friendship and happiness.

The familiarity, the family-like bond we cultivated, the laughter, the fun, the joy, the jokes, i will NEVER forget them :”) How i wish i could turn back time and return to the Good Old IJ days. I would even agree to go through the whole O’levels period again (which honestly is 10x easier than Uni life~)

Anw, if you were thinking why were we dressed in our IJ uniform yesterday… hahahaha 😉

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