Shoeld i say…

So according to Yahoo’s What Do Your Shoes Say About You?,

I am a “Sweet, Dependable girl. – Women who favour flats are usually great fashionistas, kind and considerate in nature. The lack of a towering heel make men feel more macho around you.” – because i love wearing…


Tory Burch Ballet Flats Snakeskin black

hahahahahha. Gosh do i love this pair of classic Tory Burch flats btw!

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  1. Brian Davis said:

    You gotta love Tory Burch Reva flats 🙂 What guy won’t feel manly next to a women wearing these. But what if it was reversed. What if the guy was wearing these? How does that make the women feel. I’m just wondering cuz I’m a guy and I do wear these Tory flats. These are mine

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