Paolo’s 21st @ Canele

The birthday boy and his cake!

Trying to cut his cake into 5 equal pieces -.-

LOL @ Shalini's face OK!!!!

Group picture... missing @balle_reena /:

Met up with Yunsong, Sherrie, and Shalini for Paolo’s 21st birthday dinner at Canele on Wednesday! It was wonderful meeting this group of awesome people again to just have a nice dinner (The cheesecake that Canele serves is reallyyyyy good btw!!) and catch up on everything that’s happening :’) I really can’t wait for Chris to be back so we can have a full reunion!

Anw, i got all these photos from Shalini’s camera because 1) silly me brought my camera out with a dead battery, and 2) i did not bring any spare battery. Spell B-R-I-L-L-I-A-N-T. Hokays, gotta run off right now!

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