Happy 22nd birthday @dollyunicorn

MCG! ❤

Group Photo ❤

Shake it like a polaroid picture~

Grilled Salmon with very very very awesome mash!

Mac & Cheese with Grilled Chicken Breast... Nothing Extraordinary. Not worth the hype.

Headed to forum for @dollyunicorn to cut her cake

Awfully Choc!

Headed to Happy Daze@Gardens thereafter with @plastikkbarbie @xshyan @seasidesirenss @dollyunicorn @jamdavidtojam and @mypinkpony where we sat till 3am in the morning!

Their 4 Liter beer tower

My 3rd set of fries that day... Goodness Gracious~

This was really good albeit a little saltish.

Some effect that made me look so old... hahahah.

So this image heavy post pretty much sums up @dollyunicorn’s 22nd birthday at Hardrock Cafe, followed by a chill out session at Happy Daze@ Gardens.

1 Night, 2 Tables, 3 Cameras, 4 places, 5 Polaroids, 6 dishes, 7…th heaven? (Hahahah), 8 hours spent together, 9 people, and a lifetime of memories. I can’t and will never put into words how much this group of people mean to me. Friends till eternity.

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