Joco VX5

So we have a new addition to the family of cameras in my household and it’s none other than the Joco VX5! It’s a relatively new camera in the market which is (wait for it), a Holga DIGITAL camera… or probably the closest thing that’s available right now. It’s 12 megapixels, you have 7 effects to choose from, there is a Fisheye lens which we are definitely going to get, and it’s film free. Say hello to savings from your roll of films and developing fees.

Just tested out a few photos with @mypinkpony earlier on and boy do they look like photos taken directly from a Holga camera. I mean it’s not to say that they are both identical (because there is just this final touch that developed films have that digital cameras will never be able to replace), but they are somewhat comparable.

Lets see: Fisheye camera, Action camera, Color splash, Canon s95, Canon ixus, Diana F+, Joco VX5. Next up… Canon G1x *Please please please* Ok, i can continue to dream about it.

1 comment
  1. jo said:

    Haha I thought y’all say y’all getting the g12 instead!

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