Ginseng Chicken







LOVE LOVE LOVE those deep fried mantous!



Delicious looking chilli crab which tasted FAR from fresh /: Yikes.





Super adorable Bichon Frise that we spotted at one of the pet shops along Parkway!

Met up with @jelenachia, Wynee, and Trudy with @mypinkpony for a Korean BBQ dinner at Korean UFO Roaster Buffet@Marine Cove on Thursday night and I had a shock of my life when we stepped into Marine Cove. What i saw before my eyes were nothing compared to the vibrant and lively images that i have captured from the many times i visited the place previously. The place looks very much like a ghost town right now. A couple of the shops have folded, the crowd almost cease to exist, the kiddy rides seemed to be operating for unseen spirits, and the place, it was just L-I-F-E-L-E-S-S. It’s kinda upsetting to know that in the near future, the only thing that remains of that place are memories….

Anw, the Korean BBQ was pretty much like your normal Bugis Steamboat BBQ except for the fact that our soup base was hearty Ginseng chicken soup which i simply adored, and that the BBQ thing was some new invention that doesn’t require the use of oil nor butter to cook your food. All for the name of Healthy Eating. haha.

My take? Lets just say food tastes much better when cooked with butter. The cooked meat from the BBQ pan tasted very dry, almost like beef jerky, which i didn’t really like. So needless to say, most of my food came from the steamboat, other than the fried mantou, grilled shishamo and cheese tofu (Y) hahaha.

For the usual price of $30, i would say that the price is extremely not worth it considering the chilli crabs were not fresh, the cooked meat from the BBQ pan were too dry, and the spread was not really Fantastic. But for the deal which Wynee helped us purchase at only $15.90, i thought that was pretty decent and reasonable, though i highly doubt i will visit them again.

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