Student Tea-Time buffet at Sakae!



Finally wore the LB dress that i intended to wear for CNY this year.


Lunch at Cafebiz@Traders hotel yesterday!



Evidently my most loved part of a buffet


On the buggy at Capella~

So these are pretty much photos collated over the past weekend… which i find to be worthless and boring, but i’m still uploading them nonetheless. Anw,  My family and I managed to squeeze out a couple of hours yesterday to source venues for @Mypinkpony and My 21st Birthday party this coming September! (Spell excited parents) We went around to view some of the villas and right now, we’re deciding between the villas at Capella, and Amara, the Beach Villas at RWS and the suites at MBS. We have yet to come to a decision, but i have to say that i’m pretty much set on Capella because the villa is just toooo gorgeous…. And we really need a dip pool  for our  bikini party in the afternoon… HA HA HA.

Btw, if you’re planning on going for a buffet with a wide spread of food that is definitely worth the money (Though a little costly without promotion), i would recommend Cafebiz @ Traders Hotel. The brunch buffet that i had yesterday was soooooo good. The variety was great, the food tasted awesome, and the desserts… i almost died (Y)

Alright. Gotta head back to my books now. Tata! xx

  1. Freddie said:

    how much is traders?!!!!! i heard it’s damn good too havent tried though!

    • Cristalbelle said:

      It’s about 53++/ pax! But currently UOB and some other Credit Card’s having 1-for-1… VERY WORTH IT!! It’s really good! GO tryyyyy 🙂

      • Freddie said:

        serious? that sounds like a great offer! alright alright i’ll go try it soon hahaha. the food looks good too esp seafood!!!

  2. Cristalbelle said:

    YES!! I almost died eating the raw oysters… he he he. ENJOYYY FREDDIE! 🙂

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