“Titanic is Doomed”, Let’s take flight.

Boarding Pass!

Drinking BBT #likeaboss as if our mission was to try the GC at MBS.

@ The deck!

Real ice... Brrrr

"Titanic is Doomed"


So cute!


Beautiful Clarke Quay at night

w/ Sauyan and Shyan!

@plastikkbarbie, @xshyan and I!

Getting ready to launch!


Up up here we go, GO!

So this was exactly how i spent my last Saturday. From the extremely captivating and emotionally heart-wrenching Titanic Exhibition @ MBS, to the 30seconds of “I wanna remain here 4ever” ride on the Reverse Bungee at GMAX @ Clarke Quay~ It was definitely a day well spent with one of my favorite groups of people: @mypinkpony @jamdavidtojam @seasidesirenss @plastikkbarbie @dollyunicorn @xshyan @kittykatparade. Can never get enough of them.

Alright, since this is a photos-filled post, i shall just end off right here and run off to do more revision *Inserts bored face* Goodbye! xx

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