March in February



TWENTY pieces for 3 people... MADNESS.



Our Nissan March. What a QT!

This week was just simply wonderful. The highlight of the week has got to be that…. *drumroll*, our parents got us a car!!!

I really have no idea how to Thank my parents enough. I know I’ve said this before and i’ve said this numerous times, but I guess I will never ever say this enough. And this is that, I have the Best parents in the whole entire wide world. I am very definite that I will be repeating this statement throughout my entire life, for eternity.

So there! Our new ride. Took it out for a drive with @mypinkpony and with @jamdavidtojam behind the wheel ystd. We headed to Ikea@Tampines for some meatball lovin and to purchase some little accessories to beautify our little Nissan March.

It was insane because 3 of us ordered 20 pieces of meatballs(?!??!)… just cuz it was on offer. All of us almost died trying to empty the plate. We also tried the poached salmon (which was just simply delicious) and the chicken breast with pasta, which I found the meat to be a little too tough for my liking.

Alright! Gonna study at Starbucks with JACK (hahahah) right now! Have a gr8 weekend!

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