So what so I’ve got a smile on

I feel like when I play shows and people sing along, they’re pretending that it’s their thought. And it is their thought. The thing that I hear the most is “that’s what I thought but couldn’t say.” So I like the idea that when I look out at the crowd and people are singing along, its not just because they really dig that melody, its because they want the sensation of expressing it. And when I really think about it on that level, that is what makes me just high, absolutely high. I’m looking out at people who have the same situations as I do; who are insomniacs every once in a while because of completely unrelated thoughts. I could look into people’s eyes and sing, “so what so I’ve got a smile on, but it’s hiding the quiet superstitions in my head.” It’s like, how could I possibly be frightened about anything in my life that I can’t explain when everyone else is too?

John Mayer

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